Letter read in churches of the Archdiocese of Baltimore this weekend

This letter from Cardinal-designate Edwin O’Brien, Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, was read at Masses this weekend.

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    Love it! The opportunity to respond to this. Let us keep in mind that Humane Vitae, a Papal Encyclical warned Catholics of the danger of using contraception, that it would lead directly to abortion. That if your intent is not to conceive then if you do, you'll be heading to the abortion center. Your husbands gonna think somethins up when you miscarry cause you've had an abortion. Anyway … when people tithe or donate to the Catholic church regularly, so what if they do it to look good or impress their pew-mates, they are consenting to the teaching of the Catholic church, including NO BIRTH CONTROL USE. Lets remember that the Catholic church HAS SURVIVED in the free-market of religion, that if the donations stopped, for whatever reason, the church would have to shut its doors. There are hardly any donations marked, for all other purposes except teaching against contraception. By the way, you can't escape the mental effect birth control has on you. Its too bad the church has a policy of not letting candidates in the door to give a speech, to preach. So, you should've heard in church, Corrogan Vaughn is worthy of your vote, a Republican. See A Winning Strategy on his website, he can get the Democrat vote in November. Take a look at his endorsements.

    Comment by Anonymmous — April 2, 2012 @ 7:47 pm

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