Katie O’Malley-Kendel Ehrlich Catfight

WaPo’s Reliable Source

“He’s running against a really mean man — and a mean woman.”

- Current first lady of Maryland Katie O’Malley telling Anna Quindlen about her husband’s race for reelection at a recent domestic violence conference. (When alerted that a reporter had heard the conversation, O’Malley said, “Don’t say that, but he is mean.”)
“You’d think after growing up in politics, you would be more mature than that.”

- Former and maybe-future first lady Kendel Ehrlich, in response to O’Malley’s comments. From Ann Marimow’s story about the two wives on the Maryland campaign trail — so much in common, so little to share.

Holt ad hits Kamenetz for pay and pension increases

The latest ad from Ken Holt attacks Kevin Kamenetz for voting to increase his pay and pension by 74% while in office.

David Marks: Campaign Update - Week of Sunday, September 19

From a campaign email

The day after the primary election, I called Mike Ertel and congratulated him on his apparent win as the Democratic nominee for the County Council. I have also spoken to Bill Paulshock and Gordon Harden and thanked them for their interest in serving Baltimore County.

I want very much to avoid the harsh, negative tone that characterized the Democratic nomination contest. Elections should be won on issues and ideas, not insults.
Having said that, I believe there are three fundamental qualities that differentiate my candidacy. First, I have a 15-year history of working across party lines to improve communities throughout the Fifth District. Second, I have a background in transportation and planning that is desperately needed in county government. Third, my election would bring greater political balance to the County Council.

A few other events occurred this week. First, on Wednesday, there was a public hearing on the proposed Towson Swim Club. I am glad that proponents of the swim club dropped plans to convert a wooded ravine into a lawn for the pool. On Friday, I attended a Constitution Day reception for Historic Long Island Farm in the Cromwell Valley. I prepared the paperwork that recently led to National Register status for this property.

Looking forward, we will be going door knocking nearly every day. If you can help out (particularly on the weekends), please respond to this email. We are also looking for poll workers for the general election. Thank you again for your support!

David Marks
Candidate for the Baltimore County Council
P.O. Box 42633
Towson, MD 21284-2633

[email protected]

Authority: Friends of David Marks, Charles L. Marks, Treasurer.

Bob Ehrlich TV Ad

Frank Kratovil TV Ad

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