Maryland Political News Roundup, 12/14/09

Speaker Michael Busch told C4 today on WBAL radio that there will be no tax increases by the legislature in 2010. From the interview:

“We’ve spent pretty responsibly down here in Annapolis,” said Busch.

Maryland Politics Watch concludes, based on voter registration by party, that Bob Ehrlich would not have a chance to defeat Martin O’Malley in 2010.

Mike Spellings is out as campaign manager for the candidacy of Andy Harris. Reports indicate that there was a personality conflict between Spellings and the candidate.

The Baltimore Sun has called on Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon to step aside at least temporarily.

Len Lazarick
of Maryland Reporter has taken an in-depth look at all the perks and benefits given to members of the Maryland legislature - including all the per diem money they take home in questionable circumstances at best.

Douglas Tallman reports that rumors of the erection of a statue of Senate President Mike Miller are not true, according to Miller’s chief of staff. Adam Pagnucco has a bit of fun with the rumors.

Inside Charm City blogged about a Bryan Sears article on possible influence-buying in Baltimore County Council races being facilitated by Jim Smith’s son and a former Smith law clerk.

Baltimore City Council has been criticized for not reviewing budget information the resulted in the approval of $24K worth of uniforms for employees of the city’s 311 call center.

Laura Smitherman is the newly-announced business editor of The Baltimore Sun. This will obviously take her off the political beat.

Maryland Reporter
has other government news from over the weekend.

GOP senators call on Governor O’Malley to condemn ACORN

September 17, 2009

Governor Martin O’Malley

State House

Annapolis, MD  21401

Dear Governor O’Malley

The members of the Senate Republican Caucus have been troubled by the national scandal exposed over the past week about actions of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform) staff members who offered advice on undertaking criminal activity and defrauding federal and state governments.  The fact that the first release of such information involved ACORN staff operating in Baltimore City has blemished our state’s reputation.

We are also concerned about the lack of interest by those responsible for upholding the state’s laws in proceeding with an investigation of these actions of ACORN.  Both Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia Jessemy and Attorney General Douglas Gansler have offered public commentary on the Shari Ellicker show (WBAL Radio) professing that no investigation is needed because no one in their Maryland constituency is upset by this national controversy.

We believe that public confidence is shaken when the chief law enforcement officials turn a blind eye towards potential criminal activity in the state.  Potential violations of several state and federal law occur when staff of a private nonprofit organization, supported by public financing, is providing advice on the human trafficking of minors for sexual activity and operating houses of prostitution and avoiding state and federal taxes.  In fact, just five months ago the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 542 - Criminal Law - Human Trafficking - Inducing or Enticing because of the public’s overwhelming concerns about criminal activities involving child prostitution. You signed this bill on April 14, 2009

Obviously, state leaders who have shunned this topic are concerned about political ramifications of speaking against ACORN even though they are supposed to be a non-political organization.  Maryland law provides specifically for the conduct of an independent criminal investigation when the elected officials are politically compromised.

We call on you to refer this matter to the Maryland State Prosecutor as provided for in, Criminal Procedure Article, Section 14-107(b).  ACORN provides services throughout the state of Maryland,  therefore, a request by the Governor for the independent State Prosecutor would relieve State’s Attorney Jessemy and Attorney General Gansler of the political liabilities of leading such an investigation of potential criminal activity that is conducted in more than one political subdivision of the state.

A strong statement by you would send a signal to Marylanders as well as citizens across the nation that our state leadership does not condone any actions that would support businesses engaged in the sex trafficking of children.  It also would help restore integrity to our state that has been tarnished by this national crisis.

Very truly yours,

Allan H. Kittleman                                         Nancy Jacobs

Senate Minority Leader                                  Senate Minority Whip

Cc: Attorney General Douglas Gansler

Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller

Ron Miller Files for District 27 Maryland Senate Seat

Ron Miller release

July 6, 2009 (410) 474-3778
Ron Miller Files for District 27 Maryland Senate Seat
Local Republican hopes to be the GOP challenger in 2010 to
34-year plus incumbent and Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller

ANNAPOLIS -Community activist, U.S. Air Force veteran and technology executive Ron Miller of Huntingtown filed his Certificate for Candidacy today at the Maryland State Board of Elections offices in Annapolis for the Legislative District 27 state Senate seat. District 27, which includes southern Prince George’s County and portions of Calvert County, is represented by longtime incumbent and current Senate president Thomas V. “Mike” Miller.

In announcing his candidacy as “the right Miller” for District 27, Ron Miller released the following statement:
“In just a few short years, Maryland has degenerated into a high-tax, high-cost, anti-business state, and our families are
paying dearly for the lack of fiscal discipline in Annapolis. Maryland has the 4th highest tax burden in the nation, higher even than that of California which is in full fiscal meltdown. Our business tax climate has plunged from 24th to 45th in the nation, and we have the 6th highest cost of living, 5th if you exclude the District of Columbia. “This free fall isn’t the result of chance. I fundamentally disagree with the policies I’ve seen Mike Miller shepherd through the Senate, including the largest tax increase in Maryland history. Now he’s talking about a gas tax on an
already overtaxed public, and mocking those of us who believe government takes too much and spends too much.

“Policies affect real lives. Young families with children, working families, seniors on fixed incomes - all and more are hurting because it’s simply become too expensive to live here. Yet all we’ve seen out of Annapolis every year is avoidance where they put off fixing the long-term problems and hope for a miracle each year to rescue them from billion dollar annual deficits. The first year, they depleted Governor Ehrlich’s $1 billion-plus rainy day fund. The next year, they slapped us with a $1.4 billion tax increase which was supposed to fix our fiscal woes for good but didn’t.

Now it’s the federal so-called “stimulus” package where the federal government is spending money we don’t have. I guess Mike Miller’s gas tax will be the next stopgap fix.

“I can’t stand by and act as if the status quo is OK. It’s not; people are hurting and all the special projects Mike Miller brings to the district to buy favor at election time aren’t doing anything for families who need more money in their
pockets to make a living and build a life. As a veteran, businessman, and government and non-profit executive, I have the breadth of experience a 21st century leader needs to make sound policies that fix problems and help people. As
someone who lives and works every day like everyone else and has personally felt the sting of this fiscal crisis, I have the heart to listen, learn and serve rather than dictate. I will always remember that I work for you.

“It’s your money, not theirs. You earned it and you should decide how it’s spent. I understand that and I need your help to carry that message to the Miller Senate Office Building and the State House in 2010.”
10816 Town Center Blvd., #231 • Dunkirk, MD 20754
(410) 474-3778 • Fax: (866) 457-5411
[email protected] •
Paid for and Authorized by the Team Ron Miller Committee - Hyrum Shewell, Treasurer

GOP opponent for Mike Miller to file tomorrow

Ron Miller will be filing tomorrow as a GOP candidate for the Senate seat currently held by Mike Miller. via @TeamRonMiller:

Ron Miller of Huntingtown, Maryland is a conservative blogger and activist, technology strategy & management consultant, and an active member of his local Republican Party. Ron is a regular contributor to Red County,, and Southern Maryland Online, and has his own website, He is an outspoken advocate for free enterprise, low taxes and reasonable regulation, limited and effective government focused on national security, public safety and administering justice, traditional two-parent families and the sanctity of human life. He also writes extensively about identity politics and the repercussions of placing race above values, particularly the harmful effects of liberal policies on the black community.

Ron served in the federal government from 2001 to 2004 as a senior executive with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. During that time, he was recognized by Federal Computer Week in 2002 and 2003 as one of the “Federal 100″ leaders in government information technology. Ron was cited both years for his technology leadership in the homeland security arena. Since 2004, he has held senior management positions with the American Red Cross and in the private sector and is currently a homeland security principal for a major technology professional services firm.

Prior to joining the federal government, Ron was a senior requirements analyst, project manager, and division manager in the private sector from 1992 to 2001, and served in the U.S. Air Force as an air intelligence officer from 1983 to 1992, attaining the rank of Captain. His military honors include the Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Force Commendation Medal.

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Mr. Miller holds a B.A. in Political Science from Texas Tech University and a M.S. in International Relations from Troy State University. Mr. Miller is active in various ministries at Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown, Maryland, and serves as the communications director for the Calvert County Republican Party. He was a Republican candidate for the Maryland Senate in 2006 and will seek that office again in 2010. Mr. Miller has been married for 24 years to the former Annik (ah-NEEK) Aeschbach of Hegenheim, France and they are the proud parents of two daughters and a son.

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