Ben Lawless: “I have always been a psychopath and sociopath”

In our previous piece on the late November arrest of former Maryland State Senate candidate Ben Lawless, we discussed rumors about strange postings on the internet and other rumors we heard. We have now been pointed to the one specific post we heard about on Facebook. The statuses are reproduced below via screenshot. None of the other comments from his Facebook friends are included. His profile and these messages were up as of this morning.

In the wee hours of the morning on September 27, 2010, Lawless posted this status message on Facebook - please click on the image to see the full-sized version of it.

Lawless then left this followup comment:

Ben Lawless on Facebook.

Text versions below the fold.

Initial Status:

Recently several personal issues in my life that have built up over time have come to head. I have always been a psychopath and sociopath and I used to be good at hiding or controlling my problems; until now. Read my comment for more information.

Follow-Up Comment by Lawless:

I have never liked people, unless they were socially acceptable by my own varying standards. I have always had dillusions of grandeur and thought that I was better than anyone and everyone else. I have always been a liar, with a capital “L….” If I have ever told you anything, chances are, it was a lie. I have never had patience with anything. I was actually, often, full of rage. At the same time, I would have murderous homicidal and suicidal thoughts, constantly, with no sympathy or empathy for others. Thankfully, I never crossed that line. As do most sociopaths, I was very spontaneous, often negatively. Like my recent trips to the Gentlemen’s Gold Club where I spent thousands of my and my wife’s dollars, saved for bills, on exotic dancers. As a direct result of my lack of care for others including my own immediate family, wife and three children, several personal checks written for bills have bounced, we’ve lost our home and one vehicle to their lien holders. The Marine Corps failure to pay me on time, poured a mountain of salt on an ever-growing wound. My wife of 8 years has left me, but continues to be the key role player in my recovery.

I have hit rock bottom. Having never drank alcohol or tried drugs, I never thought it could happen.

Last week, with the help of Jacksonville Police Department SWAT, I checked myself into an inpatient psychological disorder recovery center in North Carolina. I’ve made some progress, but more is needed. I am going to continue my therapy via outpatient care and medication. I will be here for some time. The needed therapy, endless.

I have not told a lie in 18 days and I have not thought of harming myself or anyone else in 10 days. For someone who would do this dozens of times per day, these numbers show progress.

I will be back in Maryland again soon to settle business, both personal and professional. If you do not hear from me, feel free to contact me.

I want to thank all of my true friends (you know who you are, if you’re not sure, than you’re not) for understanding that I have a lot of issues that must be dealt with now.

To the love of my life and the mother of my children, you and our babies are the only part of me that has ever been real.

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