Baltimore Radio Ratings, 2nd Week of December 2010


The Baltimore radio ratings for the “second week” of December, full-week, age 12+: 1) WPOC, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ, 5) WBAL-AM and WIYY, 7) WZFT, 8) WQSR and WCBM, 10) WYPR, 11) WWMX, 12) WJZ-FM, 13) WZBA and WRBS-FM. More: 17) WCAO, 19) WBJC, 26) WTMD, 32) WEAA, 34) WWIN-AM, 36) WOLB and WJZ-AM, 40) WRNR-FM, 43) WRBS-AM, 45) WNST

November’s Baltimore Radio Ratings


12/2 - The November monthly radio ratings for Baltimore, full-week, age 12+: 1) WPOC, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ, 5) WZFT, 6) WBAL-AM, 7) WWMX, 8) WIYY, 9) WRBS-FM, 10) WCBM and WJZ-FM, 12) WQSR, 13) WYPR, 14) WZBA, 15) WPGC, 16) WKYS, 17) WCAO and WBJC, 19) WHUR, 20) WAMU and WIAD and WWDC and WRQX, 24) WIHT, 25) WLZL, 26) WBIG, 27) WGTS and WTOP and WASH and WXCY, 31) WEAA and WTMD and WTEM, 34) WJZ-AM, 35) WMAL, 36) WRNR-FM and WETA-FM and WMZQ, 39) WMMJ and WFRE and WOLB and WTTR and WWIN-AM, 44) WPFW and WPRS and WVIE and WAVA-FM and WWEG-FM, 49) WNST and WJBR and WAFY and WSTW and WVRX and WFED.

WMAR viewers upset about morning news changes?

Apparently, Jamie Costello of WMAR has a lot of fans online.

Originally, I blogged about reports that Costello was leaving the morning anchor job to go to evenings and Charles Crowson was coming to town from Arkansas to take over the morning job.

This was later confirmed by a DCRTV report that I blogged about. Since then, there have been numerous comments on that post decrying the changes.

One commenter said, “Jamie Costello is the only reason I continue to watch WMAR TV at all.”

That same commenter went on to say, “Jamie, with his unique personality and ability to get along with everyone, will be sorely missed in the morning. I hope viewers will be able to continue seeing him at times other than just 11:00 pm.”

Another comment: “Jamie Costello and Megan Pringles are the best, I would love to see Jamie in the morning again with Megan is a great way to wake up with two wonderful people like these two.”

Other commenters seem to indicate Costello wasn’t happy about the move, but provide no proof of this. All of the commenters in general seem to want Costello back on the morning news.

Click here to read the post with all the comments.

Changes at WMAR


DCRTV gets confirmation from WMAR News Director Kelly Groft about changes we earlier tipped you about. Jamie Costello is moving from mornings to nights at Baltimore’s Channel 2. He’s been on Sunday nights for a while but will move to the Sunday through Thursday spot in the coming weeks and will co-anchor the 11 PM news with Kelly Swoope. Also, as we told you, Charley Crowson has joined WMAR from a Little Rock TVer. He started Monday and will soon be joining the “Good Morning Maryland” team. He’ll report with 2′s “GMM” team next week and then hit the anchor desk with Megan Pringle on November 19th…..

New morning anchor for WMAR

Baltimore Radio Ratings, Late October


The Baltimore radio ratings for the “first week” of November, actually late October, full-week, age 12+: 1) WPOC, 2) WWIN-FM, 3) WLIF, 4) WERQ, 5) WZFT, 6) WBAL-AM, 7) WIYY, 8) WWMX, 9) WJZ-FM, 10) WCBM, 11) WQSR, 12) WRBS-FM, 13) WYPR, 14) WPGC, 15) WKYS, 16) WZBA, 17) WBJC, 18) WIAD, 19) WCAO and WHUR and WRQX, 22) WWDC and WAMU, 24) WIHT and WLZL, 26) WBIG, 27) WTEM and WXCY, 29) WGTS and WASH and WTOP…..

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