Inside Charm City tops MD blog traffic and traffic growth for 2009

The following traffic figures are from Maryland Politics Watch. Adam also provides the Top 10 list of politically oriented blogs and if you merged the two lists, Inside Charm City would still be #1.

Local Blogs, Site Visits 1/09-10/09

1. Inside Charm City: 267,283
2. Rockville Central: 92,498
3. Just Up the Pike: 88,869
4. Tales of Two Cities: 65,690
5. Rethink College Park: 33,064
6. Oceanshaman: 31,721
7. Track Twenty Nine: 21,669
8. Silver Bee: 7,851
9. Baltimore John Watch: 7,791
10. The Greenbelt: 7,028

Inside Charm City has also had the largest percentage growth among local blogs from 2008 to 2009 based on MPW’s numbers. They also have the same numbers for political blogs and once again we would top the list if both were combined.

Top Local Blogs, Percentage Change in Site Visits, 1/08-10/08 vs. 1/09-10/09

1. Inside Charm City: +194%
2. Tales of Two Cities: +185%
3. Rockville Central: +86%
4. Track Twenty Nine: +77%
5. Just Up the Pike: +53%
6. Oceanshaman: +17%
7. Rethink College Park: -25%
8. The Greenbelt: -25%
9. Silver Bee: -27%
10. Baltimore John Watch: -57%

These numbers don’t include the small number of independent blogs that don’t publish traffic data. Most mainstream media blogs also fall into this same category.

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