McDonough Launches Legislative Action Against Illegals in Maryland

McDonough Release

CPR Program Contains 15 Bills, Largest Number Ever Submitted in Maryland General Assembly History on Illegal Alien Issue by One Legislator

The struggle against the illegal alien invasion of our nation and state has witnessed some progress recently.  The Dream Act and amnesty bill were defeated in the lame duck Congress saving taxpayers billions of dollars.  A court decision in Virginia declared that the e-verify concept, which mandates that workers must have lawful presence, was confirmed as constitutional.  With the election of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and an increased number of GOP members in the Senate diminishes the possibility that President Obama will pass any successful pro-illegal immigration legislation.  Although all of these developments are positive, we still have a major struggle on our hands, especially in Maryland.

The liberal Senate from Montgomery County has already introduced a state-level “Dream Act” to benefit illegal immigration and cost Maryland taxpayers millions of dollars.  Of course, once again, the Governor and Maryland General Assembly leaders will be placing funds in the State budget designed to finance illegal advocacy groups like CASA de Maryland. Everyone is aware of the fact that Maryland is a premier sanctuary state.

I intend to introduce the largest and most effective legislative action agenda in the history of the state.  Hopefully, fellow citizens and organizations who are concerned about the burdens created by illegal immigration will join us in this important effort.

I refer to my comprehensive plan as the “Citizens Protection and Rights Initiative,” in
other words, CPR.  Maryland needs CPR to help our citizens and taxpayers.  The following legislation is the CPR package:

1.     Arizona Style Law entitled the “Citizens’ Rights Act” mandating that state authority enforce the Federal Immigration Act.

2.     Sanctuary Policy Penalty provides complaint process against public officials who knowingly violate the Federal Immigration Act.


3.     Higher Education In-state Prohibition - This bill prohibits illegal alien college students from receiving taxpayer subsidized tuition discounts.

4.     Higher Education Legislative Scholarships Prohibition Regarding Illegal Aliens


5.     Federal 287 G Statewide Enforcement - This bill would mandate the enforcement of the federal criminal action section of the law addressing criminal illegal aliens and gangs.

6.     Division of Correction Immigration Status of Inmates - This bill would mandate reports and records of the immigration status of inmates in the Maryland prison system.

7.     Immigration Status Bail and Pre-trial Release - This bill would mandate that judges and other officials confirm the immigration status of defendants prior to release.


8.     Task Force to Study the Impact of Illegal Aliens on Maryland’s Job Market

9.     E-Verify State Procurement -This bill would mandate that all state contractors, venders, and employees must pass the e-verify test.

10.  Consumers “Right to Know” Transparency Act - This bill would mandate that consumers have the right to know the immigration status of all employees performing work or services on their property.

11.  Prohibition of State Benefits to Illegal Aliens

12.  Charitable Organizations Prohibition of Acceptance of Contributions from Terrorist Groups, Nations, or Nations That Have Relationships with Terrorist States

13.  Foreign Language Costs Transparency Act - This bill would mandate that all state agencies provide an annual report detailing any funding provided to policies, programs, services or any functions that require the use of non-English languages.

14.  The Voter Fairness Act - This bill would mandate that election workers require identification from voters.

15.  The Montgomery County College Lawsuit and Criminal Complaints - I have partnered with the National Legal Foundation “Judicial Watch” to engage in a civil lawsuit against Montgomery County College in order to ban the unlawful practice of providing in-state tuition to illegal aliens costing taxpayers millions of dollars.  I am preparing criminal complaints against certain public officials to be submitted in the near future.

As you can see, this is a comprehensive and aggressive agenda.  The illegal alien problem in Maryland is serious and growing.  We need “Super Citizens” to help us with research, testimony, contacting legislators, and other services.  To help provide CPR for Maryland, contact Delegate Pat McDonough by calling 410-238-0025 or by sending an e-mail to[email protected].

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